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Single Drum Lifting Clamp DHE.DH1

Single Drum Lifting Clamp DHE.DH1

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Item: DHE.DH1
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• The Single Drum Lifting Clamp attaches quickly and easily to most forklifts.


• Designed for standard 205 litre steel drums, the fully automatic clamping action enables safe and precise placement of drums without the driver having to leave the Driver's seat. 


• The Support Arms are adjustable to ensure secure clamping.


• The drum is gripped by pushing the arms against the drum centre and driving forward with the Forklift.


• The arms will engage around the drum and lock under the rolling hoop when raised.


• The heavier the load, the tighter the grip becomes.


• To release the drum, simply lower the drum onto ground level and reverse the Forklift.


• Zinc plated finish. 

Product Specifications

Safe Working Load (SWL) 500kgs
Unit Weight 62kgs
Load Centre 1066mm
Horizontal Centre of Gravity 540mm
Vertical Centre of Gravity 65mm
Pocket Size  170mm x 55mm
Pocket Centre 400mm