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Forklift Safety Cages For Sale In Melbourne

Are you struggling to get to hard-to-reach shelves in your warehouse? Do you have smaller items that need to be handled manually? Do you feel like your stock taking is cumbersome, or incomplete without a total overview?

DHE material Handling Equipment in Melbourne sells sturdy and safe forklift cages made from high-quality materials at affordable prices to help you and your team reach all your stock quickly and efficiently, while staying safe at all times.


Our man cage attachments for sale  

DHE Material Handling Equipment stocks top-grade man cages for sale, made from reinforced steel and durable wire mesh sides and a raised back wall for increased safety and comfort. Our cages are intuitively designed and sturdily constructed to allow for you and your team to feel safe even at a height.

Our forklift safety cages for sale are ideal for occasional tasks such as stocktaking and maintenance, allowing your team to move with ease between shelves. With the easy application process of our cages, they’re easily fitted and removed, so that your forklift can be used for all other tasks in between.

We not only sell safety cages for forklifts, but also a range of other top-quality attachments to help streamline all your forklift needs. We sell forklift jibs, drum lifters, bin tippers and more, helping you make a single forklift into a workplace multitool. We also sell a range of other materials handling equipment of the highest quality, so feel free to browse our wide stock!



Don’t wait, make sure you and your team have the right equipment to handle materials efficiently and safely. DHE Material Handling Equipment has become the trusted Melbourne suppliers of handling equipment due to the high quality of our products and our cheap prices. For affordable forklift safety man cages and more, from a business you can trust, contact us today! Feel free to call us on 1300 067 281 to discuss your needs, or fill in our online enquiry form to get started right away!

What types of trucks may I use a Safety Cage (Work Platform) with?

Safety Cages (Work Platforms) may be used on sit down counterbalance trucks and reach trucks. However, they must not be used with pedestrian controlled trucks.

AS2359.2:2013 clause 3.10.1 User Requirements (d) NOTES 1 (c) 

Pedestrian controlled  trucks, maintenance or work platforms are NOT permitted.


What capacity forklift do I need to use a Safety Cage (Work Platform)?

AS2359.1:2015 clause 12.3.1

Trucks that are used to lift safety cages shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) The actual capacity at a 600mm load centre of the trucks shall be equal to or greater than the following:


(i) For counterbalanced trucks, 1800kg or 5 times the combined mass of platform and platform rated load, whichever is greater. 

(ii) For reach trucks (retractable mast or fork arms shall be fully retracted) and straddle trucks, 1000kg or 3 times the combined mass of work platform and platform rated load, whichever is greater. 


Does my forklift need to be approved to use a safety cage work platform?

Yes, the manufacturer needs to approve the use of the work platform and the lift truck will need to be modified to meet the conditions of AS2359.1-2015, and AS2359.2-2013.

AS2359.2:2013 clause 3.10.1

The user shall ensure that the truck nameplate has been amended or an additional nameplate shall include the serial number or model number of the work platform approved for use. 


May I use a Safety Cage (Work Platforms) for regular duties?

No, Safety Cages (Work Platforms) may only be used for special short duration tasks.

AS2359.2:2013 clause 3.10.1

The use of the Safety Cage (Work Platform) shall be limited to those situations where it is necessary to elevate personnel to perform special tasks of short duration and where it is not practicable to use a scaffold or equipment designed to elevate people, e.g. scissor lift. The safety cage (work platform) shall not be used for order picking, or for production or stores (administrative) types of activity such as stocktaking. Lift height limiters (electric) are not permissible to reduce the lift height to comply with actual capacity requirements so as safety cage (work platform) can be used.