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Forklift Safety Cages for Sale

If you are missing the ideal way to access high areas of your warehouse to pack away materials, then DHE Materials Handling Equipment has the answer. Our forklift safety cage is the perfect solution, reinforced with solid steel that ensures the security and protection of your workers.  This access to a durable mobile platform allows for work to be done in a completely effective way, with the added benefit of total ease and comfort. Safety cage platforms that are attachable to forklifts are the ideal way to access higher areas of packing, as well as full stocktaking, maintenance and organisation of your factory or warehouse. You can review our full variety of safety cages for sale through our website, or in our Melbourne store.



Order picking and man cage attachments available

DHE Materials Handling Equipment is the place to go for picking and man cages that are ideal for transporting workers. With a highly versatile and durable nature, these man cages for sale are the perfect solution for safely transporting personnel from lower level surfaces to higher spaces. It allows for workers to feel completely secure within a high-grade steel platform, allowing them to carry any necessary tools and materials to higher spaces as needed.

It is of the utmost importance that we ensure the safety and reliability of our products, which is why they are specifically built to Australian safety regulations for the workplace. These cages are a part of our range of forklift attachments, including slippers and bin tippers. Suitable for any workplace, they are the alternative and safer method of accessing heights in comparison to ladders and are useful stock pickers. If you would like to find out more about our cages, get in touch with our team at DHE Materials Handling Equipment today.


Melbourne experts that can help


If you would like to access these high-quality products and tools, look no further! DHE Materials Handling Equipment has been delivering these products for some of the biggest names in manufacturing, mining and chemical sectors, making it easier for them to conduct safe work. In order to get in touch and discover our variety available for sale, contact us via phone on 1300067281, or visit us in store so that you can view these products today.