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Order Your Affordable And Durable Forklift Stock Picker Cages In Melbourne

Picking stock, especially heavy or dangerous materials, is a time consuming and potentially dangerous activity. In a warehouse where this needs to be done every day and often multiple times a day, often moving stock from high-up shelves to ground level and vice versa, investing in a durable and safe forklift cage is crucial. 


The forklift stock picker cage you can trust

Moving around a warehouse can be dangerous if done incorrectly, and time-consuming if done inefficiently. With an order picker cage your staff can move between shelves with ease to find the stock they’re looking for, allowing for a more time-efficient and safe workday.

All our cages are reinforced with solid steel to afford your staff with a mobile platform to navigate the vast stock you store. Sturdy support rails help balance without hindering movement, and the cage is easily fitted to your stock picking forklift and removed, allowing you to use your stock picking forklifts for a number of different tasks through the day.


Safety is our No.1 priority


Our cages are all made in accordance with Australian safety regulations, ensuring you and your crew the assurance that the equipment you use is safe. We not only specialise in providing Melbourne businesses with durable forklift order picking cages, but also stock a number of other forklift attachments, such as slippers, tippers, and more. You can trust that you get a comprehensive handling equipment solution from DHE materials Handling Equipment.


Order your forklift order picking cage in Melbourne today

If you are managing a warehouse in Melbourne or elsewhere, chances are you need a forklift man cage. It ensures the safety of all employees and saves time and money by allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable stock picking. We know your workers will thank you for it! Browse our stock or give us a call on 1300 067 281 to learn what we can do for you or fill in our online enquiry form to get started right away!